Officers Heard From

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LT David Adams 1991-199212/14/2002CDR, Active Dutyemail
LT Alex Amenabar 1989-199303/03/2010Civilianemail
LT Gary Anderson 1976-197908/13/2014CDR
LTJG Allie Ash Precom-197209/11/2014Civilianemail
LT William R. Bailey 1983-198603/09/2016Retiredemail
LT Frederick S. Baldwin 1970-197208/21/2010Civilianemail
LTJG Keith H. Bance June 71 - August 7202/15/2014Retired from Merck and Coemail
LT Michael E. Bannister 6/83-8/8605/17/2001Civilianemail
LT Charles Gary Belcher 1982-198303/01/2010CAPT Retiredemail
LT Wade H. Bell 1983-198411/11/2017Retiredemail
LT Dan Bereck 1978-198102/16/2004Civilianemail
LT Jim Birt 1988-199202/27/2015Civiliaanemail
LCDR A. James Booth Feb 74-May 7504/30/2012Captain USN Retiredemail
CDR Mike Borns 1984-198504/01/2015CAPT USN (Ret.)email
LT George L. Breeden 1974-197603/09/2016Retiredemail
LT Todd Brown Feb 1988 - Aug 199011/27/2004CDR, COMPACFLTemail
LTJG Paul Burke 1991-1994 (Decomm)01/29/2006Civilianemail
LT Steven M. Cain 1990-199209/17/2014Civilian/Retiredemail
LT Jeffrey R. Cares 1984-198803/10/2016Retired CAPTemail
ENS Joe Carnevale 1971-197411/30/1999RADM (Retired)email
LT Joe Coppa 1982 - 198609/16/2000Civilianemail
LTJG John S. Coulter 1975-197808/04/2000Civilianemail
LTJG Rick Dehn 1989-199209/30/2015Civilianemail
LTJG Joe Erskine 1985-198708/06/2010Civilianemail
LCDR Joseph B. Famme 1972-197403/24/2015CDR (Retired)email
LT Jack J. Felloney 1972-197406/25/2016Capt, USN (ret)email
LT Andrew J. Fosina Pre-com to Sep 197210/28/2001Capt, Retired. Employed by Northrop Grummanemail
CDR Wayne Frey 1993-199402/07/2004Civilianemail
CDR Richard Fromholtz 1977-197902/22/2002Capt. Retiredemail
LT Jim Gallagher 1985-198904/19/2016Civilian, living and working in Shanghai, Chinaemail
ENS Bill Glass 1972-197502/05/2017CDR, USN (ret.)email
LT J. Andrew Hagelin 1980-198303/01/2017Civilian (CDR retired)email
LTJG Tim Hare 1987-199006/16/2006Civilianemail
ENS Rod Haynes 1981-198410/05/1999Civilianemail
LT Ronald R. Hopkins 1983-198511/10/2003Civilian (USNR-Ret)email
LT(SG) Daniel T. Hsu 1994-199511/20/2003Civilian, Reserve Officeremail
LCDR Jeff Huggins 1992-199409/29/2003Assistant Naval Attache to Japan at the Embassy in Tokyoemail
LTJG Milo Hyde 1975-197804/29/2000Civilianemail
LT Joseph Johnson 1984-198609/02/2005Civilian/CDR Reservesemail
CDR Kristopher M. Kennedy 1991-199306/29/2000CAPT, USN
LT Peter Kosar 1975-197711/27/2005LCDR, SC, USN (Ret)email
LT Robert Lee III 1985-198803/05/2005CDR Reservesemail
LTJG Jim Lees 1988-199105/28/2003Civilian - Bankeremail
CDR Carl I. Lundquist CO April 85 to August 8701/16/2015CAPT USN(Ret)email
LT Steven D. MacDonald 1987-198911/12/2015CDR (Ret)email
LT Joseph Macry 1987-199107/18/2004Civilianemail
LTJG Joe Marshall 1991-199310/07/2004Civilianemail
ENS Bob Mastin 1972-197612/06/1999Civilian (former LT)email
ENS Robert Mastrangelo 1970-197101/29/2013Civilian, Financial Planner, City Councilman, High School Soccer Coachemail
LTJG Michael McClintock 1992-199403/06/2000Civilian (Attorney)email
LT Gary E. McGowan 1979-198202/27/2015Civilianemail
LTJG Frank Miller 12/72-9/7512/22/1999Civilian (Senior Pentagon Official)email
LT Jeffrey S. Miller 1992-199412/07/2005Civilian/Accentureemail
LTJG Joe Molinari 1977-198102/16/2005Commander (RET)email
LCDR Carl Morrison 1983-198507/22/2004Retiredemail
LTJG Jim Morton, USCG 1974-197604/10/2000CDR, USCG Retiredemail
LT Jim Moses Shiprider '7303/30/2000CDR USN (Ret.)email
LTJG Gerald K. Mulvey 1970-197201/02/2017Retired High School Teacher/Coachemail
LTJG Jason Mundy 1991-199303/27/2001Civilianemail
LT Mark Narens July-August 199303/25/2006Civilian - Attorneyemail
LTJG Leslie Nault 1992-199404/25/2001Civilianemail
CDR Gary Nelson Aug 87 - Dec 8904/21/2005Capt USN,
LTJG Dave Nunnally 1991-199211/27/2002Naval Postgraduate Schoolemail
LTJG Pat O'Day 1978-197903/16/2011Civilian (Govt. Contractor) and CAPT (ret)email
LTJG Wesley Odom 1989-199109/15/2001Civilian - 1st VP Smith Barneyemail
LT Reed Panasiti 1987-198811/03/2014Retiredemail
LT Vincent Phillips 1989-199307/24/2005CDR, Naval Reservesemail
LTJG Greg Ramsey 1981-198308/07/2002LCDR, Ret., Newport News Shipbuildingemail
LT Mike Rousseau 1987-199102/20/2011Civilian, Retired (CDR)email
LT Frank R. Russo, Jr. 1982 - 198506/18/2001Civilian, CAPT US Navy Reservesemail
LT Chuck Sanders 1988-199005/26/2004CDR/Retiredemail
LTJG James Shelton 1978-198105/15/2015CDR Retiredemail
LT Donald C. Simon 1989-199101/13/2011Civilianemail
LTJG Frank A. Stasi, Jr. Precomm - 197212/26/2001Civilian - MITRE Corporation - Retired LCDRemail
LT Mike Strunk 6/76-1/8003/14/2000Civilianemail
LT Dean Trytten 1978-198002/18/2014Retired, Captainemail
LCDR Denis N. Tsukalas 1977-197811/07/2002Captain,
LT Scott Turner 197212/03/2013CDR (Retired)email
LTJG Bill C. Turville 197210/16/2017Retired Captainemail
LT Alan R. Verbic Precom-197212/18/2010CDR Retiredemail
LTJG Brian Vogel 1972-197403/09/2006Civilianemail
LT George F. Wenchel 1973-197505/21/2010Consultantemail
LTJG Fred T. White, USCG 1984-198602/10/2006Retiredemail
LT Gail Wilkins 1992-199401/08/2017Retired (O6)email
LTJG Joseph P. Williams 1986-198805/17/2016LtCol, USA, Retiredemail
LTJG Jack Williams 1971-197405/10/2001Civilian / High School Teacher & Coachemail
LCDR Charles Wilson 1970-????06/17/2010Retiredemail

Officers Not Heard From

LCDR J. Barry 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
ENS Barry 1985UnknownUnknown
LT Jeff Belden 1972UnknownUnknown
LCDR D. A. Block 1985UnknownUnknown
LT Carey 1985UnknownUnknown
LCDR Thomas B. Carter 1978-1982?UnknownUnknown
LT Chapman 1985UnknownUnknown
LTJG Hanna 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
LTJG Dan Holloway 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
LT Hungerford 1985UnknownUnknown
LT Jones 1985UnknownUnknown
LTJG Kearny 1972UnknownUnknown
LTJG Laster 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
ENS Main 1972UnknownUnknown
LT Mangene 1972UnknownUnknown
LTJG Brian McCann 1979-1981?UnknownUnknown
ENS Pete Mikhalevsky 1972UnknownUnknown
LT Wil Monnin 1972UnknownUnknown
LTJG Edwin M. Rau 1977-1979?UnknownUnknown
LTJG Renfro 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
ENS Andy Rutan 1972UnknownUnknown
LTJG Fred Sellers, USCG 1972UnknownUnknown
WO1 Paul Tonder 1972UnknownUnknown
ENS Tripp 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
LCDR Wiley 197?-198?UnknownUnknown