CPOs Heard From

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BMC Frank Anderko 1984-198601/17/2003Retiredemail
EWC(SW) Stewart H. Bates 1986-198801/28/2004Civilianemail
ETCS(SW) David L. Bax Jan. 1983 to April 198611/20/2000ETCM(SW) Retiredemail
STGC Joseph Benenati Precom-197206/02/2013Retiredemail
MMC Arthur W. Bischoff 1979-198304/29/2017Retiredemail
GMGC Stephen Boesdorfer 7/86-4/8903/15/2000Retired/Work Civil Service for the Navyemail
STGC(SW) Alan Bonifer 198611/19/1999Active (Still)email
OSC(SW) Ken Bowen 1982-198410/25/2012Retired OSCS, currently CEO Nursing Homeemail
SKC(SW) George Harvey Brown 12 Aug 90 - 29 Feb 9201/21/2001Retiredemail
MSC William M. Carman 1976-197801/18/2013Retiredemail
YNC(SW) Kenneth Carter 1986-198901/13/2013YNCS (RET) Civil Service Employee in Jacksonville, FLemail
BTC Danny Clifton 1987-198904/17/2006Retiredemail
GMC Steve Cobb Late 80s to early 90s12/04/2004Civilian, Retiredemail
STGCM(SW) Ron Coffey 1985-198805/19/2003Retiredemail
FCCM(SW) Jack Collier 1986-198909/16/2014Retiredemail
EMCS Robert I. Cox Dec76- Apr7811/20/2001Retiredemail
FCC Kevin Davis 1990-199410/27/2012Retired-2001email
MMC(SW) James H. Devereaux 1982-198307/11/2016MMCM(SW) USN Retired 1964-1992email
OSCS(SW) Brad Duffell 1985-198910/30/2014Retiredemail
HMC Rogelio I. Evangelista 1979-198104/14/2012Retiredemail
STGCS(SW) Donald Fay 1989-199206/02/2002Retiredemail
OSC(SW) Robert L. Flowers 1989-199309/10/2001Retired OSCS, currently with UNIDYNE Corp.email
OSCM John Fry Feb 76-May 7811/07/1999USN Ret; currently a CPAemail
FCCS(SW) Joseph Green 1984-198605/15/2017Civilianemail
MMC Leo J. Guggenbiller 1979?-198112/08/1999Civilianemail
RMCM(SW) John S. Hance 1992-199402/13/2013Civilianemail
PNC James W. Hoopman 1985-198902/19/2018Retiredemail
BMCS Van Hughett 1978-198209/06/2011Retired, BMCM(SW)email
RMC(SW) Dawson James 1991-199403/08/2014Retired in 1996email
MSC Michael T. Jones 1982-198610/29/2000Retired Navy,  Dietary Manageremail
RMC(SW) Martin K. Kempka 1989-199102/18/2014Retiredemail
STGCM(SW) Mike Kuzan 1992-199412/28/2012Retiredemail
DCC(SW) Terry Lambert 1986-198901/16/2003Retired DCCSemail
MMC James Edward Lasher 1972-197609/03/2016Retiredemail
SKC Amando L. Lastrella 1976-198002/14/2006Retired as LCDRemail
YNC Gerald (Russ) Livermore 1973-197407/15/2014Retiredemail
BTCM(SW) William Lott 1986-198904/23/2012USN Retired, Plant Manager ASUemail
QMC(SW) Sam R. Lovette 1993-199407/02/2001CMDMCemail
DCC(SW) McArdle 1989-199202/26/2015Retiredemail
RMC Richard W. McDaniel 1983-198710/09/1999Retiredemail
BTC(SW) Joseph P. McGrath 1979-198309/11/2010Retired BTCM(SW)(AW)email
MMCS(SW) Paul Miller 91-9309/25/2001Retired (Working for Michelin Aircraft Tire Corp (NC)email
EWC Bertram L. Moore 1975-198003/12/2016Retiredemail
QMC(SW) James A. Moretz 1989-199201/02/2017USN Retired - High School Teacher Escambia County, FLemail
GMCS H. Carl Morris 1971-197308/14/2015Retiredemail
OSC Peter Munsell 1976-197805/08/2016Retiredemail
RMC Joel A. Osterberg 1980-198208/28/2011RMCM(SW) Retiredemail
ETC(SW) Denis G. Peach 1980-198202/22/2002ETC(SW) Retirednone given
STGCS James H. Petrausch Precomm-197410/26/2002Retiredemail
SKCS Ray Petrey Sept 1986-Jun 199004/22/2002Retired -- Deputy Sheriff Dorchester County - SCemail
ETCS(SW) Keith O. Reese 1991-June 30, 199412/26/1999Retired ETCM(SW)email
MMC Paul S. Reid Pre/Com to 197402/25/2003Retired, MMCM (SW)email
RMC John J. Rumbaugh 1978-198112/22/2002RMCS Retiredemail
ICCS Mike Santos 1981-198402/09/2003Retiredemail
MM1(SW) Joe Screws 1982-198408/15/2001MMC(SW), Retiredemail
STCM William Q. Shirley June 1982 - June 198510/30/2000Retiredemail
MMCS(SW) Billy L. Suprise Oct 1991-Jun 199405/21/2004Retired, MSCS(SW)email
FCCS Roger Swafford Apr 83 - Nov 8410/17/2001Retired, FCCM(SW)email
CMDCM(SW/AW)/NCC Terrill Lee Tatum 1987-198903/15/2017Retiredemail
FCCM(SW) Woody Turck 1990-199208/03/2007Retiredemail
ETC Tom J. Walsh 1970-197302/03/2018Retired ETCMemail
MMC Timothy Weeden 1991-199312/05/2002Active, MMCemail
PNCS(SW) Beth White 1992-199405/23/2000Retiredemail
ENCS(SW) Kenneth R. Wilson 1989-199108/04/2013Unknownemail
FCC(SW) Rick Zurbrick 1986-198911/14/2015Retired (Gov IT Security Analyst)email

CPOs Not Heard From

EMC Bond 1986-1989?UnknownUnknown
EMC Curtis 1985UnknownUnknown
RMC Daniels 1985UnknownUnknown
ETC Eager 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MMC Doug Goggins 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
RDC Griffin 1972UnknownUnknown
ETC Juan Hernandez 1986?-1989?UnknownUnknown
GMGC Irvin 1985UnknownUnknown
GMGC Matthews 1972UnknownUnknown
MMCS McCrae 197?-197?UnknownUnknown
MMC Fred Ondrajka 1986-1989?UnknownUnknown
FTGC Bill Parker 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
HTC Santiago 1985UnknownUnknown
ETC Schwartz 1972UnknownUnknown
EWC Simmons 1985UnknownUnknown
BMC Tohal 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
STGC Virgin 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
RMC Walker 1972UnknownUnknown
BTCM Roger Webber 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BTCS Williams 197?-198?UnknownUnknown