Crew Heard From

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HTFN Rudy Acs 1972/7311/16/2003Civilian/HT1/Retired Reserveemail
AW1 James Adams LAMPS Detachment 197701/27/2001Semi Retired in Northern Wisconsinemail
RM3 James (Jim) A. Adams 1978-197910/18/2017Retireeemail
STG3 John F. Adams 1978-198103/09/2016Welding Instructoremail
BM2 John W. Adams 1979-198111/05/2016USN
AW3 Chip Adkins 197208/26/2017Retiredemail
OS2 Jeff Adkins 1981-198402/03/2018Civilianemail
BM3 William Allen 1987-199006/25/2006Civilianemail
MM3 Phillip Allen 1989-199112/10/2012Civilianemail
STGSN George R. Allshouse II 199?-199?04/06/2000Civilianemail
OS2 John R. Allyn 1981-198610/01/2016Civilianemail
DC3 Donald Francis Almon 1986-199003/29/2017Retiredemail
SN Lee V Amack 1981-198304/07/2017Civilianemail
EM2 Philip Amick 9/73-3/7712/30/2004Field Engineer Instrumentation & Controlsemail
MM3 Emilio G. Andres 1980-198104/06/2011Civilianemail
MM3 Dan Andrews 1972-197405/29/2014Retired Civilianemail
PC3 Terrill Appleby 1979-8110/24/2001Civilianemail
OS1 Gerard P. Arel 1975-198011/15/2016Retiredemail
RM3 Fred Aresco 1973-197502/15/2016Civilianemail
MS3 Richard Bernard Armstrong 1979-198310/22/2016Civilianemail
RM3 Larry Arszman 1972-197411/08/2004Civilian - working at Procter & Gamble Companyemail
HM1(SS/SW) Wayne Aveyard 1980-198304/07/2014Retiredemail
STG1(SW) Patrick Awe 1988-199003/29/2001STGC(SW),USNR/Civilianemail
ETR2 Rick Bailey Precomm-197206/22/2002Civilianemail
RM3 Jerry W. Bailey 1970-197204/30/2005Civilianemail
FTM3 William C. Baker 1972-197308/26/2016Civilianemail
HT3 Robert Baker 1970-197211/06/2002Disabledemail
MM3 Park Balevre 1970-197304/15/2006Civilianemail
EMFN Richard Ball 1985-198703/16/2016Civilianemail
EN3 Steven Banks 1991-Decom09/25/2014Civilian Retired EN1(SW)email
EM3 Michael Bankson 1980-198202/25/2012Civilianemail
STG2 Greg Barker 1985-198702/18/2012Locomotive Engineer - CSXemail
STG3 Doyle Barker 1981-198407/30/2004Civilianemail
ETN2 Jim L. Barr 1970-197302/01/2017Civilian-Retiredemail
ETNSN Michael G. Bartlett 1971-197204/30/2012Business owner in Two Way radiosemail
IC3 Robert L. Bass 1989-199203/30/2015Civilianemail
SN Bateman 1980-198311/23/2002Civilianemail
RM3 Doug Bates 1982-198605/12/2010Civilianemail
SK2 Tim Bauder 1985-198805/28/2000Retired SKC(SW)email
HTFN Dan R. Bauder 1986-198803/09/2016Firefighter/Paramedicemail
SK2(SW) Ricky W. Bauer 1980-198401/07/2017Retired SHCS(SW)email
TM3 Thomas Allen Baysore 1971-197204/11/2017Retiredemail
FTM3 Jack Beams 1978-198204/28/2012Civilian, Retiredemail
MM2 Corey Joe Bell 1982-198708/18/2015Civilianemail
MM3 Stephen Belz 1975-7608/18/2000Civiliannone given
GMG2 George Benesch 1971-197502/22/2003civilian - commercial diver/underwater welderemail
BTFA Rick Bennett 2/73-11/7409/26/2003Civilianemail
BM3 Andrew J. Benson 1989-199205/07/2017Civilianemail
SH3 William Bich 1985-198812/06/2010USCG?email
BTFN Richard J. Bingemen 1973-197505/20/2012Civilianemail
CTM2 Steve Bissell Summer 198003/22/2001Civilianemail
STG2 Richard Bivins Precomm-197412/29/2005Civilian, educator and consultantemail
SA Larry Black 199211/02/1999Civilianemail
YN1(SW) Alice Black 1993-Decom10/12/2001LTemail
STG3 Cam Black 1989-199205/19/2016Civilianemail
OS1 Edward J. Bolduc, Jr. 1983-198701/01/2018Retiredemail
ETR2 John H. Bolte 1971-197509/26/2016Civilianemail
BT3 George W. Bolton 1988-199001/09/2017Civilianemail
EM3 Jeff Bonk 1989-199206/03/2011Civilianemail
ETR2 Carl Bottoms 1972-197503/16/2002Civilianemail
EW1 Gene Boulton 1974-197805/27/2006Civilianemail
FC3(SW) Robert Bourguignon 1990-199105/05/2000Civilianemail
HM3 Laurence Bowen 1979-198306/09/2012Retired working for Dept of Veteran Affairs Prosthetics
STGSN John Bowman 1975-197705/18/2004Civilian Banner-Tow Operatoremail
SN Larry C. Boyce 1970-197106/23/2002Civilianemail
SK3 Kevin J. Boyce 1988-199102/18/2006Civilian, Paramedic/RNemail
BT2 Dwayne Boyer 1989-9410/15/2000Civilianemail
FA David Boyle 1986-198705/07/2004Civilianemail
??? Roger Bradshaw 1971-197211/12/2006Civilianemail
BT3 Dean C. Brandt 1975-197604/06/2014Civilianemail
STG2 Ed Bravo 1985-198710/12/1999Civilian (Military Contractor)email
SN Frank J. Brazda 1971-197206/24/2004Civilianemail
IC2 Michael Brewster 1990-199102/20/2012Air National Guard MSgt MQ-1 1U071email
MM2 Jim Brickson 1991-199204/27/2017Pastoremail
??? Lewis Briggs 1988-198904/13/2006Civilianemail
HT2 Jim Britt 1986-198809/29/2000Civilianemail
OS3 Jeb S. Britton 1987-199005/22/2005Civ. Airline Pilotemail
BTFN Horace J. Brock 1990-199210/20/2017Civilianemail
FTG3 Mike Broshar 1976-197905/08/2000Civilian, Paramedicemail
ET2 Gerald Brown 1988-199011/17/2000ET1(SW)email
PN2 Jewel D. Brown Jan 92- Decom'9408/01/2001Civilianemail
MM3 Dave Brown 90-9206/20/2004Civilianemail
BT3 Phillip Brown 1987-199012/06/2011Civilianemail
BT2 Terry Brunder 1976-197806/27/2016Civilianemail
OS3 Bob Bruni 1971-197206/12/2001CIVILIAN ASE MASTER AUTO
YN3 Dennis M. Buchanon 1983-198603/01/2006Civilianemail
EIOU1 David Buck 1983-198410/31/2013Civilianemail
QM2 Tom Buckley 1989-199101/01/2000Civilianemail
MMFN Michael Bujnowski 198206/02/2006CIVILIAN (CITY WATER TREATMENT PLANT)email
FTM2 Terry Burke 1979-198305/12/2002Civilianemail
AW3 Philip M. Burke 197511/14/2002Mortgage Company Sales Manageremail
GMT2 Michael D. Burns 1977-198006/14/2016Business Owner in Beaufort, SCemail
FC3 Jimmy C. Burrow 1993-Decom.09/13/2013Civilianemail
TM3 Thomas A. Bussiere 1983 - 198702/01/2001Electrical Engineer - Southern Co., Navy Reservesemail
PCSN David Butcher 1983-198412/16/2004Civilianemail
ET3 Joe Byrd 1990-9210/09/2012Civilianemail
RMSN Bobby G. Calvert 1974-197502/10/2018Civilianemail
STG3 Kenneth Campbell 1984-198512/14/2011Civilianemail
E3 James O. Campbell 1978-197807/03/2016Civilianemail
E3 Anthony Campisi 1972-197401/12/2013CIVILIANemail
IC2 James A. Canfield 1977-198006/14/2017IC1, USN, Retiredemail
SN Paul Canizzaro 197112/08/2003Civilianemail
STG3 James Carey 1985-198803/26/2006Civilianemail
STG1 Dale Carmack 1978-198301/19/2014Civilianemail
YN3 Ismael Carranza 1992-199302/08/2017Happy Civilianemail
BM3 Joseph B. Carter 1983-198703/05/2012Civilianemail
SM1 Jeffrey L. Carter 1991-199407/27/2007Civilian - Retiredemail
MM2 Pat A. Caudill 1978-198004/10/2017Civilianemail
FC1 Bruce Cawkins 1984-198806/30/2010Civilianemail
QM3 Michael J. Cecere 1984-198704/01/2001Civilianemail
BM2 Mike Cerny Precomm-197202/17/2002Civilianemail
GMG2 Michael Chadbourne 1974-197609/04/2004Civilianemail
OSSN Brian Chamberlain 1972-197401/04/2012Civilian / Head of Maintenance at Hamilton Co LLCemail
FTG3 Delbert Dale Chambers 1973-197509/27/2017Civilian, retiredemail
MM3 Alan Chambless 1989-199202/22/2015Civilianemail
MS2 Wylie R. Chase 1985-198810/07/2011Civilianemail
STG2 Larry Chechak 1972-197604/21/2000CIVILIAN MANUFACTURING ENGINEERemail
STG2 Tim Clark 81-8512/20/2000Civilianemail
MM2 Tim C. Clark 1981-198511/27/2016Civilianemail
OS2 James Clark 1989-199011/10/2012Civilianemail
EM2 Tim D. Clark 1982-198611/25/2017Civilianemail
EW1 Dave Clement 1977-198202/29/2012Civilian - USPSemail
YN2 John Clinard 1970 - 197312/17/2000Civilianemail
STG1(SW) Marc Clodfelter 1985-199010/10/2002Federal Agentemail
FTM2 Mike Cobb 1975-197709/20/2002Retired(Gov't Pilot)email
STG3 Kevin Cobb 1979-198006/25/2002Civilian/Systems Svc Rep. IBMemail
BT3 Rob Colantuoni 1977-198104/02/2016Civilianemail
YNSA Stephen Cole 1993-Decom04/09/2004Civillian in Reserves in Kansas Cityemail
IC3 Paul J. Conrad 1993-1994 (Decom)10/30/2012Retired IC1, Studentemail
SN Tim Conrardy 1974-197702/28/2011Civilianemail
RM2 Alex Constance 1971-197503/28/2001Retired RMCSemail
OS2 Angelo Contino Precom - 197410/21/2001CWO4 Retired/PM Northrop-Grumman ITemail
SN Dwight Cooper 1975-197612/09/2003Civilianemail
OS2 Kelly W. Cooper 1983-198605/11/2017Vetemail
BM2 David Coppenbarger 1970-1972 Plank Owner08/17/2005Civilianemail
ET2 Charles F. Cordell 1983-198906/01/2011Civilian - Automation Technicianemail
EW3 Sam Cornett 1987-199005/13/2005Civilianemail
EW2 Brian Corrigan 1988-199112/29/2016Civilianemail
MM3 Edwin Cowden 1975-197805/13/2004Civilianemail
SN Michael Cox 1973-197403/19/2011Civilianemail
GMG1 Paul C. Crane 1982-198601/29/2006GMG1 Retiredemail
SHSN Richard E. Creek 1981-198609/22/2015Civilianemail
BT3 John Crego 1972-197507/01/2000Civilianemail
BT2 Charles Crisp 1992-Decom.02/14/2011Civilianemail
EW2(SW) Richard T. Crockford, Jr. 1991-199204/24/2003Civilianemail
SK2 Jim Crone 1980-198309/17/2012Retiredemail
EW3 Mike Crow 1981-198401/25/2001Civilianemail
PN2 James Cruce 1972-197401/12/2003Retired Postal Serviceemail
ET1 Bill Cullen 1977-198208/26/2010Civilianemail
EM3 Delacy Curl 1991-199412/28/2014Civilianemail
SK2 Peter F. Curtis Pre-com to 9/7204/01/2001Civilianemail
BM2 Darin Cushing 1984-198806/04/2001BM1 USNRemail
GMT2 John T. Cuspilich 1973-197510/16/2013Retiredemail
RM2 Bill Custer 1978-198011/19/2002BS Degree in Special Educationemail
RM3 David Daigle 1976-197809/26/2010Corporationemail
SA Stephen Dale 1974-197506/26/2006Civilianemail
MS3 Jones Daniel 1979-198410/31/2015VA Hospital Cook Supervisoremail
MM2 Randall S. Dapper 1986-199104/07/2015Civilianemail
BT2 Jessie Darland 1991-DeCom07/25/2013Civilianemail
HT3 James M. Davis 1971-197208/08/2016Retiredemail
OS3 Todd Davis 1989-199202/05/2018North Carolina State Highway Patrolemail
STG3 Gary Davis 1975-197706/02/
OS2 Randy M. Davis 1980-198206/10/2016Workingemail
DP3 John Dayton Plank Owner 71-7205/18/2010Bus. Owneremail
BT2 Paul Deal 1977-198201/25/2003Retiredemail
IC3 William C. Dean 1979-198311/28/2000Civilianemail
IC2 John Dean 1972-197409/18/2002Civilianemail
MS3 Dave J. Degnan 1980-198406/11/2016Civilianemail
MM2 Michael E. Demaree 1970-197201/05/2017Retiredemail
BM2 Charles Demoss 1991-199406/09/2006MNC at comminewarcomemail
MM2 Palmer Dent 1991-199303/19/2004Civilian - Boiler/Pressure Vessel Inspectoremail
OS3 David Devoss 199304/18/2003Civilianemail
AW1 Lamar E. Dezearn 197207/12/2000Retired AW1 July 1973email
RM3 Don Dickson 1983-198412/22/2017Civilianemail
GMT2 Jim Dierich 1982-198512/23/2011Civilianemail
OS2 Scott P. Doherty 1980-198409/03/2003OSCS(SW) RETemail
BT3 Buddy Ray Donaldson 1971-197108/19/2017Civilianemail
BT2 Howard Douglas Dorris 1970 (precom) -197304/01/2016Civilian, retiredemail
TM2 Michael Dorsey 1978-198004/28/2012Truck Driveremail
BM3 Henry N. Dredger 1981-198502/27/2006Civilian/ Marine Insurance Brokeremail
PO3 William Drexel 1970-197111/11/2011Civilianemail
STG1 Neil W. Drinkwalter 1975-197808/30/2002Civilianemail
BT3 Duane A. Drye 1991-199310/23/2011Civilianemail
OS2(SW) Bryan Dubreviel 1992-Decomm04/17/2003NC1(SW)email
SN Russell Dueger 1971-197211/25/2002Civilianemail
GMG3 Keith Dunn 1974-197501/26/2012Retired NJARNG, Retired State employeeemail
BTFN Donald F. Dunn 1982-198508/24/2017Civioemail
OSSA Bobby Dycus 1984-198711/12/2010Civilianemail
GMM3(SW) L. A. Eady 1990-199203/25/2001Civilianemail
STG2 Jim Elkins 1989-199012/16/2004Civilian?email
EM2 Kevin Engel 1992-199406/14/2006Civilianemail
STG3 Lynn Epps 9/73 - 10/7403/12/2000Civilianemail
CS3 Wayne Evancheck 1972-197409/10/2012Civilianemail
RM3 Rick Ewen 1978-198009/15/2000Civilian (electronics instructor)email
EM3 Troy Exum 1987-199011/20/2015Civilianemail
BT2 Don A. Faigin 1978-198110/28/2005Civilianemail
SM3 Joseph Farrell 1978-198011/28/2014SM1(SW) Retiredemail
QMSN Dina Faust 1992-199310/30/2015Civilianemail
FC3(SW) Michael Ferguson 1988-198902/07/2004Civilianemail
EW2 Peter Ferris 1973-197608/02/2007Civilianemail
SN Michael R. Fitts 1985-198808/10/2002DMC(SW)email
RM3 Steven Flatow 197509/12/1999Civilianemail
MM2 Rob Fletcher 1991-199406/05/2014Civilian - Mechanical Contractoremail
ET1(SW) T. A. Flowers 91-Decom Jun9403/17/2001Active duty USS Defenderemail
SA James Forbis 1992-199306/15/2004Civilianemail
MS2 Steven Forbus Dec.1991-Decomm08/16/2005Civilianemail
YNSN Shawn A. Ford 1991-199203/07/2011Civillian, Financial Advisoremail
MM2 Billy Bob Ford 1980-198405/04/2010Civilian, retired Tx Nat. Guardemail
IC2 David L. Fore 1986-198712/21/2001Civilianemail
STG2 Carl Forsythe 1987-198903/21/2006Civilianemail
HT2 Mark Foster 1981-198405/25/2015Civilianemail
BM3 William S. Fox 1972-197403/21/2003Illustrator/Water Color Artistemail
OS2(SW) Michael Fox 1986-198906/27/2002Civilianemail
SK1(SW) David J. Francis 198501/26/2001Retired working for American Expressemail
STG3 Mark Frantz 1978-198110/07/2001Civiliannone given
ETNSN Mancel French Precomm-197203/05/2003Civiliannone given
EM3 John M. French 1971-1974 WESTPAC/MED01/19/2001Civilianemail
FN John French 1971-197403/07/2004Welderemail
BM3 Gerald Fronce Late 80s-Early 90s01/01/2005Corrections Officeremail
OS2 Martin Fuller 1973-197711/29/2014Civilian Maintenance for Town of Spring Hope NCemail
EM2 Steve Fuller MAR 1988- DEC 199109/18/2001Civilianemail
STG3 Michael Fuqua Precomm-197302/24/2003Civilianemail
FC3 Timothy Gable 1991-199407/08/2010Retired FCC(SW)email
STG2 Billy Gadbury 1884-198706/08/2002Retired Navy in 1996. Currently work for U.S. Postal
RM3 Ronnie Gallardo 1989-199101/30/2014Civilianemail
RM3 Michael Galweski Comm-197405/22/2005Civilianemail
QM2 Mike Garrelts 1976-197901/01/2001Civilianemail
MM3 Joseph Gauthier Jan88-Nov9006/06/2005GSM1email
ETR2 C. Gettelman 1973-197812/27/2011Civilianemail
MM1(SW) Robert W. Gibson 1977-198108/15/1999Retired IT Security Engineer (CISSP)email
GMG3 Wilfred Giles Precom-197208/04/2012Civilianemail
PN3 Curt Gilling 1985-198701/08/2011Civilianemail
STG2 David Gilmore 1992-199407/20/2013Retired Suppo LT in 2012email
STG3 Richard M. Gilstrap 1986-198807/19/2017Civilianemail
GMG2 Tim Godwin 1975-197809/27/2012Civilian, Mgr Dept of Respiratory Care, Mayo Clinic, AZemail
STG1 Ronald Goff 1980-198302/10/2012STGC(SW) Retiredemail
FN Rodney H. Gordon 1993-199412/16/2017Civilianemail
STG3 Goss 1985-198802/15/2001Civilian Database Administratoremail
QM2 David B. Graham 1970-197209/01/2017Retired law enforcementemail
YN2 Russell Graham 1972-197603/29/2011Civilianemail
EMFA Jermain W. Graham 10/93-6/9410/09/2003EM1(SW) Training Officeremail
FTG2 Jim Graney Pre-commisioning to 197502/25/2003Civilianemail
MS2 Thomas H. Grefer 1980-198404/13/2017Retiredemail
PC3 Robert Griffith 1981-198206/08/2014Civilianemail
OS3 David S. Griner 1984-198607/18/2007Civilian/Home Depotemail
RM3 Brandon P. Grover 1985-198705/24/2011Civilianemail
SM2 Joe Groves 1978-198001/15/2000SMC(SW) retemail
OS2 Carl Gumz 1974-197707/12/2007Retired, Postal Workeremail
QM3 Mike Haduck 1972-197502/29/2004Civilianemail
OS3 Christopher Haggard 1987-199002/08/2015Civilianemail
RM2 Frank Hall 1972-197307/04/2004Civilianemail
HT2 Bernt Hall 1986-198910/09/2000Civilianemail
ET2(SW) Frank Hall 1987-199108/02/2001Civiliannone given
PNSN James Scott Hall 1990-199307/12/2007Civilian/Police Officeremail
BT2 Dale Hammond 1976 to November 197807/17/2000Civilian/reservistemail
STG2 Kenneth G. Hanks 1978-197802/12/2017Civilianemail
BM2 Doug Hansen 1979-198207/21/2005Civilianemail
HT2(SW) Sherman D. Hare 1986-198808/11/2000Civilianemail
HT2 Tim Harn 1983-198501/06/2005Civilianemail
HT2 Preston Hartge 1974 to 8-7611/06/2001Civilian, Manager, Tug and Barge
FN Stephen Hatchett 1981-198406/08/2001Civilianemail
GMG1 David Haun 2/83 to 6/8507/20/2000Police Officer, Hobart Ind./Currently serving in USNRemail
BM3 Richard Hawes 1986-199108/20/2010Police Officeremail
IC2 Clifford J. Hawkins 1980-198101/10/2017Civilianemail
MM2 Martin Hayes 1987-199206/21/2014Civilianemail
RM1 Irvin A. Haynes 1979-198112/22/2014Retiredemail
GMT2 Jack Hays 1982-198509/28/2002Retired GMCemail
EW3 Paul Heath 1972-197403/19/2014Civilianemail
RM3 James Heckenkamp Precom-197206/24/2015Retiredemail
BT2 Kurt Heidecke 1976-198008/04/2000Civilianemail
BT3 Dave Helvey 1975-197911/01/2001Civilianemail
FTM3 Chris M. Hennessy 1981-198307/25/2016Civilian by gollyemail
CTR1 Larry Hensley Late 1970s01/19/2006CTRCS(ret)email
OS2 Keith Herring 1990-199204/22/2014USNR Retiredemail
RM3 Michael Hess 1978-198011/13/2002Retired NYS Correction Officeremail
SN Brian Higgins 1972-197307/13/2013Civilian VA Blind Center Palo Alto CAemail
AT2 Don Higgins 197209/06/2004Civilian since 1973email
GMT2 Kent Hildebrand Precom-197209/29/2013Civilian=Property Manageremail
ICFN Terry L. Hill 1991-199409/16/2012CMDCM(SW)email
IC3 Keith M. Hipol 1971-197303/12/2016Civilianemail
HTFN William Hite 1985-198704/28/2005Civilianemail
SK2 Mark Hodge 1988-199211/04/2014Retired, Now working at VA Centeremail
MM2 Forrest Wayne Hodges 1976-198011/28/2017Civilianemail
FC3 Jody L. Holt 1990-199101/15/2018Civilianemail
HT2 John Holton 1980-198303/11/2016Loving Life Civilianemail
SN William Hooks Mar94-Jun9408/11/2015Veteranemail
SM3 Charles Hoover 1974-197701/30/2002Civilianemail
STG1 Joseph Horling Precomm-January 197502/27/2003Civilian, USNR-R Retired (STGC)email
MM2 William Hosmer 1975-197701/21/2016Civilianemail
STG3 Guy Huber 1971-197301/24/2018Retiredemail
MM3 H. Huggler 1991-199303/20/2000Civiliannone given
HT3 Dennis H. Hughes 1975-197705/22/2005Civilianemail
GMG1 Chris Hummel 1986-198806/03/2003Retiredemail
MR2 Michael Hurt 1992-199303/20/2003Civilianemail
HT1(SW) Mitchell S. Jacobs 1982-198708/20/2016Retiredemail
OS2 James P. Jacobson 1976-198002/15/2003Civilian work for BNSF
SM? Campbell, Jr. O. James 197711/12/2002Civilianemail
SM3 Fred Jefferson 1972-197507/20/2007Civilian/Verizonemail
HM2 Ed Jensen 1974-197608/28/2005Civilianemail
IC2 Michael Jerzykowski 1991-199401/22/2012Civilian - Electrical Engineeremail
GMG3 Robert Jett 3-89/9-9007/25/2001Civiliannone given
SN Johnson 1982-198409/21/2002Civiliannone given
BT1(SW) Frank Johnson 1990-199401/29/2013Retiredemail
BT2 Randall W. Johnson 1980-198508/17/2011Civilianemail
MS2 Jon Johnson 1983-198502/01/2006Civilian, Highway Engineeringemail
ICFN Craig Johnson 1975-197801/31/2012Civilian Artist Sculptureemail
SMSN Stephen Johnson 1984-198702/04/2012Administrator Piedmont Eyecare Charlotte, NCemail
ET2 Frank Johnson 1981-198308/07/2012Civilianemail
MM3 Van Irvin Johnson 197610/07/2015Civilian, Disabledemail
EN2 David Johnstone 1977-197906/10/2013Civilianemail
QM3 James Griff Jones 1972-197506/13/2017Civilianemail
STG2(SW) Ed Jones 1989-199303/09/2006Civilianemail
STG3 Tim B. Jones 1989-199205/24/2016Civilianemail
MS3 Daniel Jones 1980-198401/06/2012Civilianemail
OS3 Thomas P. Kane 1977-198012/23/2016Civilianemail
RM2 Kappel 1980 - 198303/16/2001RMC (RET)email
SK2 Earl Kasper 1970-197202/05/2018Civilianemail
FTG1 Victor L. Kastner 1971-197504/12/2017Civilian, retiredemail
OSSN Frank Kealty 1981-198301/20/2003Civilianemail
EM2 Daniel J. Kearns 1979-198103/07/2017Senior Chief Navy Reserves Sea Beesemail
GMG3 Victor Kees 1990-199307/23/2002Civilianemail
ET3 Rich Kelchner 1984-198509/18/2005Civilianemail
HT2 Michael Kelley 1977-197902/05/2000Pipefitter - Kingsbay Sub Base, GAemail
PN3 Paul Kelley 1989-199104/16/2015Civilianemail
MM2 Boyd C. Kelsey 1982-198609/21/2016Civilianemail
HT3 Kevin Kennedy 1972 - 197512/03/2000Civilianemail
STG1 Phillip Kessler 85-86, 89-9012/23/1999Civilianemail
SK1 Douglas Kilbarger 1990-199201/22/2015SKC SW/SS Retired - Civilianemail
STGSN Thomas Killian 1988-1991 (EAOS)03/03/2010Civilianemail
SN Bryan C. King 1983-198709/25/2016Ordained Ministeremail
GMCS(SW) Allen G. King 1990-199304/13/2017Retiredemail
QM3 Warren Kinneer 1971-197505/06/2012Civilian, Designing Small Airportsemail
QM2 Gary J. Kirby 2/79-2/8303/20/2000Civilian...US Navy Reserve,MIUWU 203 Bronx NYemail
BT2 William J. Kirchmayer 1978-198101/18/2017BT1(SW), USN Retiredemail
SH2 Jim Kirchner 1985-198803/13/2017Retiredemail
OS2 Joe Kirschbaum 1981-198405/28/2001Civilianemail
DK2 Mark Klee 1982-198411/29/2012DK1 (ret) USNemail
SN Gerard L. Klice 1971-197212/04/2017Civilianemail
MM2 Paul Knapp 1981-198509/06/2005Civilian Firefighter (Capt. in Fayetteville)email
EM3 Jeffrey Knight 1988-199106/11/2014Civilian (Industrial Electrician 22 years)email
FTG2 Rodney Knuth 1972-197811/19/2003FTCS Retiredemail
OS2 Scott Kohler 1988-199101/13/2002Civilianemail
STG1 Gary Kozera 77-81/88-8903/04/2004Contractor; Navy Special Warfare - Eastemail
ET1 Walt Krause Precomm - 197406/30/2002Lt. Retiredemail
MM3 Michael Kroll 1992-199403/17/2015Civilianemail
EN1 William Krug III 1978-198112/29/2016Retired Navy (LCDR)email
EM2(SW) Jerry Kubu 1984-198904/23/2012Civilian - Electrical Engineeremail
MM3 James Kunert 1972-197404/05/2002Civilianemail
ET2(SW) Stanley J. Kwiek 1982-198502/01/2006Retired/Navy Contractoremail
RM2 Steve Laidlaw 1972-197507/22/2003Civilianemail
STG3 Alan A. Lamoureux 1973-197411/14/2002CWO3, USN (ret)email
FTM1 Daniel Langdon 1979-198104/11/2012Civilianemail
STG2(SW) Greg Langley 1986-199211/10/2005Civilianemail
OS3 Michael Larson Precomm-197412/24/2003Civilianemail
STG2 Robin Lathrop 1985-198903/11/2012Civilian Electricianemail
FTM2 Michael Lee 1980-198310/25/1999Civilianemail
MM2 Danny Lee 1978-198110/01/2015Civilianemail
MM2 Martin Lee 1985-8708/01/2010Civillianemail
GM1 William Lee 1986-198906/23/2001Active Dutyemail
STG1 James Leroy 1977-198103/29/2001Civilianemail
SH3 Don Lindsay 1973-197703/26/2015Retiredemail
OS3 Floyd K. Lody 1987-198904/23/2006Civilianemail
SN Adam Logan 1986-198607/29/2017Civilianemail
STGSN Donald Patrick Lohr 1973-197409/25/2002Civilianemail
STG3 Roland Lombard 1972-197503/12/2003Civilianemail
ET1 Donald Long 1986-199111/04/2012Civilian Network Engineeremail
BTFR Ray Long 1975-197607/28/2013Plant utilities Engineer.(snipe) SUNY@ Brockportemail
MSSA Wesely Richard Lorenz 1985-198608/05/2016Civilianemail
SM2 Christopher Love 16AUG-20OCT 199307/03/2013Civilian Merchant Seafarer/Defence Consultantemail
ET2 Dana Lynch 1992-Decom9403/18/2010Retiredemail
FC3 Kevin L. Lyons 1986-199012/31/2016Civilianemail
YN3 Reginald Mackey 1983-198608/01/2014Retiredemail
EM3 Tracy Main 1980-198203/09/2016Retired NYDOCSemail
HT2 Mike Mallan 1984-198601/20/2006Civilianemail
EM3 Richard A. Mann 1983-198810/06/2016Civilianemail
GMTSN Bill Mann 1974-197511/12/2001Electronic Tech, Kennedy Space Centeremail
AT2 Paul A. Mansour 1977-197710/19/2016Civilianemail
YN3 Daniel Marin 1989-199011/15/2002State of Texas - State Juvenile Officialemail
RM2 William Martin Precomm-197211/09/2009Civilian - retired USNR as RM1 2000email
SM3 Cris Matherly 1992-199402/01/2015Civilianemail
FN Marshall Dax Mayfield 1991-199303/18/2010Civilianemail
BT2 Ronald D. McCall 1976-198005/14/2016Civilian, Automation Technician at Gulfstream Aerospaceemail
AT3 Thomas J. McCann, Jr. 197207/27/2002Retiredemail
YN3 David McClinton 1984-198502/15/2011YN1 Retiredemail
MS3 McCoy 1984-198801/17/2013Retired MA1 USN Reservesemail
STG2 Doug McCoy 1986-198907/29/2004Civilian Lockheed Martin Field Engineeremail
SN Marcus McCuin 1992-199305/21/2012Civilianemail
DK3(SW) Oscar P. McDaniels 1989-199104/22/2014Reservistemail
QM2 Richard McEntee 3/92-6/9309/12/2005Civilianemail
SN Philip F. McFarland Nov. 1974 - Oct. 197505/30/2001Civilianemail
STG2(SW) Michael McFee 1988-199107/08/2012Civilianemail
FC2 James McFeley Aug 85 - Jun 8602/15/2001Civilian Contractor and Effects Designeremail
SA Jackie McGowan 1971-197210/01/2004Civilianemail
STG3 Thomas McGraw 1982-198403/24/2010Civilianemail
CS3 Mike McMurray Precom-197207/08/2013Retiredemail
OS3 James McNorton 1982-198511/05/2000Civilianemail
STG2 Stephen McNutt 1989-199306/25/2006Civilianemail
MM2 John F. McPhillips 1977-197903/24/2014Law Enforcementemail
SH3 Eric L. McReynolds 1988-199110/25/2010Retiredemail
BM? Bobbie J. Meadows 1985-198704/18/2003Civilianemail
RM1 Gregory Meddles 1985-198704/26/2012Retired RMC(SW)email
STG3 Dennis Meehan 1972-197507/05/2000Civilian, Professional Firefighter, Philadelphia, PAemail
SK3 August J. Meier Precom-197408/11/2013Civilian-Retired school teacheremail
ET2 Arbie E. Melvin 1983-198506/10/2006Civilianemail
TM3 James Meskill 1993-199406/16/2004Civilian - Teacher (K-6)email
STG2 Michael S. Michalik 1977-198003/25/2016Civilianemail
MM3 Micke Precom-197201/28/2012Retiredemail
STG3 Milacek 1973-197512/27/1999Civilianemail
SK3 Terry W. Miller 1976-197811/14/2017Retiredemail
BM3 Raymond A. Mioducki 1977-198011/16/2017Always on dutyemail
GMG1 Johnny L. Miracle 1991-199409/07/2017Retiredemail
GMT2 Kenneth Britt Mitchell 1984-198610/21/2002Retired GMCM; Manager KB Homeemail
STG2 Chuck Mitchell 1974-197706/13/2017Retired Dept of Defenseemail
MM3 Frank Mitchell 1980-198306/01/2016Civilianemail
GMG2 Denny Moody 1978-198103/10/2016Machine Builderemail
MM3 Douglas Moore 1977-197903/20/2014Retired, General Motorsemail
SN Les Moore 1974-197511/14/2002LCDR, MSC, USN (still on active duty)email
EW2 Michael H. Moore 1977-198003/11/2016Civilianemail
MM2 Tony D. Moore 1973-197510/27/2017Construction Workemail
CTR2 E. J. Morris TAD 197707/24/2001CTRC(RET)email
MM2 James M. Mort 1883-198704/12/2002Civilianemail
ET2 Eric Moser 1982-198412/18/2013Civilian - NC Archives and Recordsemail
SHSN Chad J. Mosier May 1991-Decom03/09/2016Civilianemail
BM2 Rodney D. Moss 1979-198204/03/2010Civilianemail
PC3 Richard Mowry 1982-198301/26/2014Civilianemail
SN Moye 198001/01/2000Plant Manageremail
EN3 William E. Mucelli 1970-197306/24/2012Civilianemail
HTFN James M. Murphy 1972-197409/30/2011Civilianemail
MM2(SS) Al Muscianese 1989-199107/22/2012Civilianemail
SH3 James A. Neal 1970-197401/05/2018Civilianemail
DC3 Jim Nephew 1991 - 199401/07/2011Civilian - Business Owneremail
MM2 David Newell 1990-199203/28/2004Merchant Marines
SN Dennis Neylon 1985-198604/26/2004Civilianemail
ET3 Ross E. Nichols 1983-198401/04/2017Retiredemail
FC2 Jim Norman 1989-199201/05/2014Civilianemail
MM2 David Norvell 1977 - 198201/02/2001Civilianemail
EM3 Thomas A. O'Connell 1970-197207/05/2017Civilianemail
E3 John L. Odie 1976-197907/13/2016Civilianemail
EN Robert W. Olcott 1973-197403/22/2011Civilianemail
OS2 Thomas Oshgan Precom. to late 197308/30/2001Civilian. Project Engineeremail
FTG1 Allen W. Otto 1971-1976 & 1978-198208/13/2002Civilianemail
MM2 John Pabalan 1988-199110/25/2002Civilian (Finished at MM1)email
FTG2 David Palmer 1975-197706/29/2010Civilianemail
BT3 James Michael Parfait 1975-197708/22/2016Civilianemail
SN John Parish Precomm-197203/15/2010Civilianemail
MM3 Harry E. Parkington, Jr. Precom 1970-197309/10/2012Disabled Vet Retiredemail
MR1 James Parks 1991-199307/27/2013Retired MRCSemail
EM2 Mike Parsell 1979-198206/03/2003USN 78-82/83-87EM1Civilianemail
STG Joseph Parzanese 1991-199211/10/2015Civilianemail
RD3 Anthony David Passaro 1971-197201/10/2017Civilianemail
BT1 Bob Patterson 1981-198603/31/2004BTC(SW)
E4 Carlos Manuel Pavao 1973-197406/27/2017Civilianemail
BT1 William J. Peace 8/81-8/8210/13/2013Civilianemail
BT3 Norman Pederson 1990-199210/27/2012Funeral Director/WV Body Recoveryemail
FA Norman D. Penderson 1990-199107/28/2004Civilian/Police Officeremail
FTM2 Robert Pendt 1977-197909/29/1999Retired (FCCM)email
DC2 Michael Perry 1990-199403/01/2016Aircraft Mechanicemail
STG1 Ed Peters 1973-197804/26/2012cranky old manemail
STG3 Michael Peters 1986-198712/06/2001Civilianemail
SK2(SW) Pamela Dawn Petersen 1992-199412/28/2016Retired SKC(SW)email
STG1 James Pettis 1983-198803/10/2016Civilianemail
EN2 Thomas Phipps 1974-197611/23/2004Civil Service Firefighteremail
EM2 Frank Pinkos 1972-197507/14/2014Civilian, Regional Sales Manageremail
MM2 Anthony C. Pletcher Jul78-Aug7911/04/2001Civilian-work for AEP as a PSL at Mitchell Plantemail
PN2(SW) Michael Podiak 1988-199001/12/2000Civilianemail
EM3 Kenneth D. Podolski 1974 -197708/06/2001Civilianemail
FTM3 Gary Poe 1974-197606/02/2011Civilian - Retiredemail
STG1 John Hamilton Pond 1971-197301/01/2017Retiredemail
PNSR Michael D. Porter 1993-Decommissioning09/26/2001PN2email
BT2 John Charles Possinger 1970 (Precom) 1972?01/16/2001Civilianemail
HM2(SW) Keith A. Pounds 1986-198912/23/2012Civilianemail
OS2 Toby F. Prescott 1980-198310/25/2016Civilianemail
BT3 James R. Prescott 1978-198202/20/2006Civilianemail
GMG3 Phil Pressley 1984-198608/10/2000Police Detective Monroe, NC / SFC-E7 W/ NC National Guardemail
MM1(SW) David N. Price 1984-198903/04/2011Millwright Georgia-Pacific Palatka,
FTG1 Ron Price 1978-198303/16/2001Civilianemail
BM3 Briggs Price 1988-199012/24/2012Civilianemail
BM2 David G. Price 1987-198810/27/2017Civilianemail
IC2 Jack Pruitt 1985-198705/24/2006Retiredemail
YN3 Oris Pruitt 1986-198808/17/2012Civilianemail
OS1 Clarence Purvis 1980-198507/19/2004Retired OSCemail
FTM3 Kurt E. Puterbaugh 1979-198205/29/2016Home Inspectoremail
GMM2 Jon Quick 1991-199306/21/2013Civilianemail
FC3 Mike Quick 1991-199309/27/2000Civilianemail
FTM2 Eduardo Ramirez 1982-198409/22/2001Civilianemail
STG2 Ralph E. Raney 1984-198706/18/2000Civilianemail
BT3 Scott Rankin 1984-198604/19/2006Civilianemail
RM2 Stephen P. Rash 1976-198012/27/2015Retired Bankeremail
ET2 John Rath 1984-198610/31/2001Civilian, SPAWAR Systems Commandemail
FTG2 Bruce Rathbun 1985-198604/02/2001FCC(SW)email
OS3 Troy Raxdale 1987-199108/29/2004Civilianemail
BT1 William Reck 1974-197910/20/2013Retired BTC E-7email
EN3 Richard G. Reid 1970-197212/12/2012Civilian, working for Duke Energyemail
SM3 John A. Reitano 1972-197509/05/2017Retired Civilianemail
MM2 John Reynolds 1979-198208/23/1999MMCS(SS) RETemail
MM3 James E. Ricci 1976-197802/09/2003SMSGT, 133AW, Minnesota Air National Guardemail
FTG3 Darrell L. Richardson 1978-198203/10/2016Retired Navy 99, QA testeremail
FTM2 Jimmie G. Riffle 1976-197911/15/2016Civilianemail
SN Jose Rivera 1981-198302/27/2014Civilianemail
PC3 Lee P. Roberts 1971-197201/08/2017retired-bad amatuar golferemail
EM3 Chuck Robichau 1978-197905/25/2000Civilianemail
GMGSN David Robinson 1972-197503/24/2012Civilianemail
ET2 Kenny Roderick 1991-199401/13/2012Civilianemail
YN3 George Rodriguez 1978-198010/02/2001Civilianemail
SH3 David Rohmann 1978-198207/27/2000Civiliannone given
BM3 Jim Romano 1971-197501/06/2017Retiredemail
ET2 Tom Rose 1980-198107/02/2007Civilianemail
BT2 Michael Rosemond 1980-198508/16/2016Civilian/Retiredemail
STG2 Rick Ross 1979-198101/12/2013Civilianemail
SN David D. Ross 1986-198908/17/2016Civilianemail
BT1 John Rudolph 1991-199409/08/2002Retired (Employed at Boeing)email
STG2 Dave Ruhlman 1981-198411/26/2002Civilianemail
EM3 Robert Ruiz 1979-198202/20/2000Civilianemail
YN2 Joe Rush 1983-198611/10/2005Retired NCCS(SW)email
BM2 Kenneth R. Rutter Precomm-197209/27/2010CWO (ret)email
STG2 Michael Ryan 1977-198008/17/2004Civilian, Computer Jockeyemail
MMFN Richard Rybus 197707/30/2011Civilianemail
GMG2 Anthony Sahioun 1977-197801/01/2000Civilian,GMC(SW)email
GMM2 Shannon Sampson 1992-199411/12/2014Civilianemail
EM3 Jeff Sams 1984-198607/30/2000Civilianemail
RM1 Frank Sanchez 1992-Decom04/03/2003Retired ITC/Navy Contractor SAICemail
BT2 Robert Sanders Feb 1971 to Nov 197302/09/2000Civilianemail
OS3 Pete Santiago 1988-199103/05/2001Civilian/Business Owneremail
ET2 James G. Sarah 1979-198304/19/2006Civilian, Siemens Energy & Automationemail
BT2 Danny Satcher 1992-Decom03/13/2012Probably out fishingemail
PN2 Jerry M. Schaefer 1977-197910/12/2016Civieemail
BT2 Don Schaffer 1970(Pre-Com)-197405/19/2010Civilianemail
E-4 Michael Rodger Schaffer 1973-197906/16/2016Civilianemail
CSSN Peter Schierhorst 1972 -197302/27/2005Civilianemail
BM3 Walter H. Schlatmann 1972-197511/14/2016Civilianemail
MS2 Joseph Schmidt 1979-198106/19/2012Civilian/E6/MS1 Retiredemail
BT1 Tim Schroeder 1980-198306/25/2006Civilian (Damn Truck Driver)email
STG3 Mark Schuitema 1981-198303/26/2010Civilianemail
SM3 Richard Schurman Precom - 197202/24/2001Civilianemail
STG3 Bill Schwarz 1973-197711/26/2014Retired from DoDemail
FC2 Doug Schwoch 1990-199105/10/2010Civilianemail
EM3 Charles Sebastion 1976-197910/25/2011Civilianemail
ETN2 Scott Seick 1975-197809/22/2004Civilianemail
BM3 Jeff Sellers 1985-198902/18/2005Civilianemail
STG1(SW) Settecase 1991-199302/05/2001Civiliannone given
SH2 Bill Shanley 1977-198001/04/2001LT/Retiring 1 March 2001email
HTFN James Shepard 1990-199112/03/2002Civilianemail
MM2 Robert Shipley 1984-198701/02/2017Retiredemail
IC1(SW) Ken Shipman 1984-198812/25/2015Civilianemail
MM3 Tim Sikowski 1983-198603/16/2001Product Designer 'Automotive'email
RM3 Ernest A. Simpson 197206/30/2007Civilianemail
AEAN Robert C. Simpson 197211/13/2005Civilian/Reserve (Chief)email
MM1 Wallace Simpson 1975-198007/31/2007Retiredemail
MS3 Michael Simpson 1976-197806/11/2014Civilianemail
SH3 Calvin Singleton 1975-197710/08/2010Civilianemail
ET2(SW) Darrel Singo 1992-199412/30/2011Civilian (Application Engineer)email
RM3 Gary P. Skaza 1972-197301/02/2017Farmer/retiredemail
PC3 Brian Skelly 1975-197711/12/2013US Postal Service retiredemail
RMSN Michael S. Skerling 1981-198106/23/2017Retiredemail
STG2 John J. Slovak 1979-198306/16/2016Civilianemail
BT2 James E. Small 1978-198005/01/2010Civilianemail
MMFN Martin E. Smearing Precomm-197208/03/2007Civilianemail
OS3 Pete Smith JUL81- AUG8610/30/2001OSC(SW) SMITH/ACTIVE DUTYemail
QM2 George Smith 1984-198810/02/2014CWO3 Navy Diving Officeremail
STG3 Don Smith 1983-198503/05/2003Civilianemail
OS3 James G. Smith 1989-199203/09/2016Civilianemail
DC2 Butch Smith 1990-199309/15/2016Designated Civilianemail
BM3 Dc Smith 1983-198603/11/2014Civilianemail
SKSN Duyea M. Smith 1981-198504/13/2017Civilianemail
STG2 Robert E. Smith, Jr. 1972-197404/26/2012Retiredemail
STG1 Vaughn Snow 1976-197710/28/2002Civilian-manager with Seagate Technologyemail
HT2 John Sobieski 1991-199409/12/2014W-3 Coast Guardemail
FTM2 Chet Sobotka 1971-197401/21/2001Civilian-working for Raytheon in Southern CAemail
YN2 Mike Sopronyi Plank Owner01/08/2001Civilianemail
TM3 Garry Soule 1988-199204/05/2006TM1(SW)email
TM3 Garry Lee Soulr 1988-199205/23/2016Retired TM1(SW)email
SH1 Larry Sparks 1985-198703/19/2002Retired E6email
STGSN Timothy W. Spidel 1981-198306/19/2017Civil Engineer email
EW2 Terry Spillman 1979-198307/08/2013Retiredemail
BM1 Timothy Stacey 199301/12/2004Civilianemail
YN3 John Stamps 1991-199303/22/2014Civilianemail
RM3 Michael G. Stanley 1986-199008/11/2005Inactive Reserveemail
QM2 Joseph R. Stanley 1980-198201/09/2017Civilian, Retired QMC(SW)email
BM3 Keith Starkey 1988-199208/23/2001CIVILIANemail
OSSA Ron Starkweather 1988-198911/25/2004Civilianemail
EM2 Rich Stressler 1973 - 197610/08/2001Civilianemail
EW2 Jeff Strom 1978-198003/13/2003Mfg.
NC1(SW) Ralph E. Strunk 1986-198702/04/2000Command Career Counseloremail
SK3 Reginald Roscoe Stuckey 1982-198602/05/2018Civilianemail
STG3 Derrick A. Suddreth 1979-198103/10/2016Civilianemail
STG2 Dave Suminski 1983-198408/28/2004Civilianemail
GMGSA Robert J. Summerhill 1970 (PRE-COM) to 197508/30/2015GMCS(SW) Retiredemail
RM3 David L. Sumner 1988-199106/26/2004SK1(SW/AW), USS George Washington CVN-73email
FTM2 John Surbaugh 1976-197908/19/2016Civilianemail
TM3 Glea Sutterfield 1979-198012/05/2011Civilianemail
STG3 Floyd Sweney 1972-197507/16/2014Civilianemail
RD2 Peter Szram 1970-197105/04/2006Civilianemail
MM1 Steve Tacke 1984-198601/12/2001MMC Retiredemail
SK2 Michael Tardy Precom-197205/25/2012Civilian-retiredemail
MM3 Ronald Taylor 1971-197310/23/2010Civilianemail
BT2 David M. Taylor 1985-198807/26/2017GSMC(SW)USN RETIREDemail
MM3 Robert Tedesco 1973-197605/18/2010Civilianemail
RM2 James Templin 1970-197210/27/2015Civilianemail
BM2 Mark E. Thomas 1986-199012/09/2011CWO4email
HT2 Robert James Thomas 1979-198203/10/2016Retired from USN DCCS (SW) / Homeland Security Directoremail
SN Anthony L. Thomas 1991-199401/06/2018Civilianemail
FC3 David Thompson 1986-198812/04/2002Civilianemail
EN2 Clarence "Butch" Tillery 1972-197312/12/2012Retiredemail
GMM3 Darrin D. Tosh 1987-198901/07/2017Civilianemail
MM3 Charles Touchet 1982-198508/23/2003Civilianemail
MS2 Randy Tramp 1985-198711/11/2010MS2email
PC3 Traver 1981-198511/17/2013Civilianemail
STG1 Roger Truitt 1977-197907/30/2007Civilian, Software Testeremail
MM2 Charles Patrick Tucker 1983-198712/31/2017Civilianemail
MM2 David L. Tucker 1980-198308/21/2017Civilianemail
SN Hans Guenther Turner 1972-197509/14/2017Retired city, now a courieremail
BT3 Tony Tysinger 1972-197303/17/2005Civilianemail
HTFN Glenn F. Ulrich 1972-197403/23/2004Civilianemail
SN Robert Uttrodt 1989-199104/23/2010Civilian/Trackless Trolley Operatoremail
ET2 Van Besien 1978-198104/12/2000Civilianemail
MM3 Eric W. Van Dyne 1992-199403/14/2016Civilianemail
MM2 Clayton C. Vandersail 1987-199001/17/2017Civilianemail
FC2(SW) Dean Vandrese 1985-199012/02/2016Civilianemail
BT3 Mark L. Vangilder 1977-198009/26/1999Civilianemail
FTM3 Chuck Vanlandingham 198502/05/2001Civilianemail
DK3 Francis Vargas 1972-197311/29/2002Civilianemail
E3 Timothy Robert Vaughn 1977-????02/26/2012Civilianemail
IC2 Joseph Vislay 1971-197509/10/2015Civilianemail
SN Mark Voyles 1974-197511/15/2005Civilianemail
RM2 Chuck Wachter 1980-198310/27/2010Civilian-Fire
FTSN Paul Waldrop 1983-198512/30/2002General Manager, Calient Optical Componentsemail
YN1 Sharon Walker 1992-199405/25/2001Retired 1997email
FC3 Jonathon Walker 1987-198805/22/2017FCCM(SW/AW), Retiredemail
ETR2 George M. Wallace 1975-197605/05/2017Civilianemail
MM3 William Walter 1972-197310/06/2004DA Civilian Engineer US Army Picatinny NJemail
SMSN Brian L. Ward 1979-198206/21/2017Civilianemail
MM3 James Watson 1971-197410/20/2005Civilianemail
MM2 James J. Webb 1972-197302/29/2016Civilianemail
MM3 Ken Webb 1982-198503/03/2003Civilian- Mgr. Trucking
RM3 Eric Weber 1978-198003/03/2006Civilianemail
SK2 Thomas J. Weddell 1981-198301/07/2017Retiredemail
AT2 Tom Weisgerber 1975 LAMPS Indian Ocean08/11/2003Civilianemail
STG2 Adam B. Welfley 1982-198510/06/2016Civilianemail
GMT2 Lawson Wells 1973-197503/08/2000Plant/Facilities Engineeremail
ET2 Brian Wert 1989-199108/09/2005Civilianemail
E6 Joe Clifton West 1972-197411/16/2011Retiredemail
MS3 Bill Wetzbarger 83-8501/05/2006East Coast Sales Rep(Newark Group), MSC(SCW) Retiredemail
QM2 Richard Whalen 1977-197904/08/2012Retiredemail
FTM2 John Wheeler 1977-197808/30/2010FC1 USNR Retiredemail
MM2 David Wheelock 1987-199012/10/2003Ex Squidemail
ETR2 Thomas White 1971-197207/17/2007Civilian/Retiredemail
OS2 Lanny White 1980-198412/04/2002Civilian, Retired OSC(SW)email
RM2 Robby White 1987-198806/03/2003Civilianemail
SKSN Shawn A. White 1993-Decom04/24/2004SK1email
MS3 Pete Wiencek 1981-198502/12/2000Civilianemail
STG3 John T. Wilkes 1994-199503/09/2016Commanding Officer, Navy Operational Support Center White River Junction Vermontemail
GMG3 Matthew Williams 1972-197605/12/2001Civilianemail
BT2 Phillip R. Williams 1984-198807/30/2016Civilianemail
DK2 Wayne Allen Williams 1972-197501/03/2017Retiredemail
IC2 Terry Williams 1975-197909/02/2013Civilianemail
MMFA Odis D. Williams, Jr. 1972-197303/17/2010Retiredemail
RM2 David E. Williamson 1970-197201/29/2018Retiredemail
OSSN Michael S. Wilson 1983-198610/15/2000Civilian, Engineeremail
HT2 Allen D. Wilson 1973-197601/14/2011Civilianemail
STG3 Rodger Wilson 1975-197608/27/2016Civilianemail
ENFN Timothy R. Wilson 1975-197603/20/2005Civilianemail
MM3 Joseph Wilson 1993-199403/06/2017Retired MMCSemail
FC3 Mark Winchester 1986-198804/03/2014Graphic Arts Business Owneremail
HT2 Dan Winfield 1970-197202/11/2003Civilianemail
QM3 Robert C. Wisniewski 1976-197804/01/2005Retiredemail
SH3 Curtis Wollam 1992-199406/11/2001Retiredemail
HT3 Charles R. Wondrash 1972-197312/28/2003Civilianemail
GMGSN Andy J. Wood 1973-197409/19/2002Ministeremail
DK1 Robert A. Wooten 1983-198701/13/2018Retired (NCCS (SW))email
SK2 Steven Worley 1978-198004/15/2014Civilian, Retired CPO USNRemail
SM3 Sharita V. Wright 1992-199410/16/2014Civilianemail
EM3 E. Wyche 1986-198808/20/2001CIVILIAN WITH SC DEPT OF TRANSemail
STG3 Mike Wythe 198805/27/2006Civilianemail
ET2 Kevin York 1984-198909/23/2010Civilian-Electrical Engineeringemail
BT3 Daryl York 1979-198001/23/2005Civilianemail
HT2 Tom Young 1/78-2/8303/21/2000HTC(SW) RETemail
HT2 Donald Zack 1976-197909/18/2014Civilianemail
RM2 John Zinna 1970-197104/04/2015Retired Civilianemail

Crew Not Heard From

GMGSN Alberts 1985UnknownUnknown
SH1 Aldridge 1972UnknownUnknown
ET3 Thomas Arbuckle 1983?-1985?UnknownUnknown
BT1 Arnold 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
RMSA Auckerman 1972UnknownUnknown
MM3 Bachman 1985UnknownUnknown
SH3 Bagbey 1985UnknownUnknown
IC3 Barfield 1985UnknownUnknown
SM3 Barker 1972UnknownUnknown
MMFN Timothy W. Barnes 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
STG3 Barrow 1985UnknownUnknown
TMSA Baum 1972UnknownUnknown
EM3 Bayler 1972UnknownUnknown
EM3 Beavers 1972UnknownUnknown
FTG1 John Bentley 1972UnknownUnknown
SA Berry 1972UnknownUnknown
MM3 Mark E. Bigelow 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
SA Boone 1972UnknownUnknown
FN Borrell 1972UnknownUnknown
HT3 Boulanger 1972UnknownUnknown
QMSA Bourassa 1972UnknownUnknown
ICFN Bourque 1985UnknownUnknown
BT1 Bowman 1970 (Precom) - 1971UnknownUnknown
SM1 Branch 1985UnknownUnknown
TM3 Donald Brewer 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
RM1 Bright 1985UnknownUnknown
HM1 Brown 1972UnknownUnknown
TM2 Browne 1985UnknownUnknown
SN Brownell 1972UnknownUnknown
OS2 Brownell 1985UnknownUnknown
MMFN Bryson 1985UnknownUnknown
MM1 Buchanon 1985UnknownUnknown
OS2 Buldoc 1985UnknownUnknown
MSN Caldwell 1972UnknownUnknown
OS2 Campolito 1985UnknownUnknown
OS2 Caputo 1985UnknownUnknown
SN Carbonneau 1972UnknownUnknown
BM3 Castelein 1985UnknownUnknown
ENFN Chaney 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BT1 Clifton 1985UnknownUnknown
AE2 Clontz 1972UnknownUnknown
MSSR Cobble 1985UnknownUnknown
SA Collins 1972UnknownUnknown
OS2 Compton 1985UnknownUnknown
EM1 Conde 1985UnknownUnknown
FC2 Connel 1985UnknownUnknown
MM2 Bob Conner 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MM2 Chris Connolly 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
RMSA Corcoran 1972UnknownUnknown
AW3 Crandall 1972UnknownUnknown
YN1 Crawford 1972UnknownUnknown
MM2 Rodney Crofoot 90-92UnknownUnknown
FN Cromwell 1972UnknownUnknown
SMSN Crozier 1972UnknownUnknown
OS2 Crutchley 1972UnknownUnknown
TN Cruz 1972UnknownUnknown
SN Cummings III 1972UnknownUnknown
OS1 Cunningham 1972UnknownUnknown
HT2 Cushing 1972UnknownUnknown
MM3 Davidson 1985UnknownUnknown
OS3 Davies 1972UnknownUnknown
IC2 Davis 1985UnknownUnknown
MSSR Davis 1985UnknownUnknown
SN Davis 1985UnknownUnknown
BT1 Dawson 1985UnknownUnknown
OSSN Deck 1985UnknownUnknown
OS3 Deegan 1985UnknownUnknown
OS3 Defur 1972UnknownUnknown
STG3 Demain 1972UnknownUnknown
MMFN John Desmond 1973-1974UnknownUnknown
AW1 Dezearn 1972UnknownUnknown
GMG1 Dixon 1972UnknownUnknown
SN Dow 1985UnknownUnknown
MMFA Dozier 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BM3 Drayton 1985UnknownUnknown
MS2 Drayton 1985UnknownUnknown
EMFN Dungee 1985UnknownUnknown
STG2 Dunkin 1985UnknownUnknown
CS3 Durfee 1972UnknownUnknown
EWSN Dyer 1985UnknownUnknown
BT2 Johnny Eades 1970 (Precom) - 1971UnknownUnknown
MA1 Earls 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
DKSN Edwards 1985UnknownUnknown
OSSN Eldridge 1985UnknownUnknown
FTM3 Embry 1985UnknownUnknown
STG2 Carl Evans 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
SN Fedorowicz 1972UnknownUnknown
IC2 Ferguson 1985UnknownUnknown
SMSN Flannery 1972UnknownUnknown
EN1 Fleming 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
SA Francese 1972UnknownUnknown
MM2 Armand W. French 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
HT3 Frisbee 1972UnknownUnknown
BTFN Froom 1972UnknownUnknown
GMG3 Bud Fuhrman 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MM3 Gable 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
FTM3 Genz 1985UnknownUnknown
CS3 Gifford 1972UnknownUnknown
MM2 Stan Giles 197?-197?UnknownUnknown
SR Giles 1972UnknownUnknown
OSSN Giles 1985UnknownUnknown
HTFA Gillen 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
EM2 Steve Gore 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
SA Green 1972UnknownUnknown
MM1 Green 1985UnknownUnknown
BTFN Grego 1972UnknownUnknown
BM1 Gregory 1972UnknownUnknown
ST1 Grider 1972UnknownUnknown
CS1 Griffin 1972UnknownUnknown
PNSN Griffin 1985UnknownUnknown
RM3 Griffin 1985UnknownUnknown
MM3 Griffis 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MS1 Guerra 1985UnknownUnknown
MMFN Haddock 1972UnknownUnknown
SA Hagerman 1972UnknownUnknown
SA Harding 1972UnknownUnknown
FN Harrison 1985UnknownUnknown
EWSN Harviel 1985UnknownUnknown
MA1 Harwood 1985UnknownUnknown
STG2 Bernard Hawkins 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
SHSN Healy 1985UnknownUnknown
FT2 Heavner 1985UnknownUnknown
BM3 Hebard 1972UnknownUnknown
FTG1 Wally Hedberg 1972UnknownUnknown
SN Hendricks 1985UnknownUnknown
MMFN Henry 1972UnknownUnknown
FTG3 Pat Higgins 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
IC3 Hilenski 1985UnknownUnknown
SN Hills 1972UnknownUnknown
MM2 Gary Hoermann 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
STG3 Holcomb 1985UnknownUnknown
SA Holden 1972UnknownUnknown
GMT1 Hollon 1985UnknownUnknown
AMS1 Honaker 1972UnknownUnknown
BT2 Hopson 1985UnknownUnknown
EN2 Howard 1985UnknownUnknown
MM2 Hruby 1972UnknownUnknown
SKSN Hubbard 1985UnknownUnknown
RM2 Hunter 1972UnknownUnknown
TA Hutsell 1972UnknownUnknown
SM3 Irving 1972UnknownUnknown
OSSN Jackson 1985UnknownUnknown
ET3 Gale Jacobs 1984?-1989?UnknownUnknown
GMTSN Jernigan 1985UnknownUnknown
MM3 Jerrel 1972UnknownUnknown
RM3 Johnson 1972UnknownUnknown
GMG3 Johnson 1972UnknownUnknown
CS1 Johnson 1972UnknownUnknown
HT3 J. W. Johnson 1972UnknownUnknown
FT2 Johnson 1985UnknownUnknown
SA Jones 1985UnknownUnknown
GMG1 Junk 1985UnknownUnknown
STG2 Kali 1972UnknownUnknown
MR3 Karlin 1972UnknownUnknown
RM3 Kaufman 1972UnknownUnknown
IC2 Kelly 1972UnknownUnknown
MM2 Tom Kent 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MM2 Kevan 1972UnknownUnknown
SK3 Kincaid 1972UnknownUnknown
BTFN Knudsen 1972UnknownUnknown
GMG1 Charlie Kraft 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
TM2 John Kuhl 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
MM1 Lago 1985UnknownUnknown
SD1 Lamis 1972UnknownUnknown
HTFA Landin 1985UnknownUnknown
RM3 Lay 1985UnknownUnknown
STG2 Mike Leach 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
BM3 Leal 1972UnknownUnknown
SA Leatherwood 1972UnknownUnknown
SM1 Lee 1972UnknownUnknown
FN Lee 1972UnknownUnknown
ADJ2 Leggett 1972UnknownUnknown
OSSA Lester 1985UnknownUnknown
MM2 John Lincoln 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BT3 Litke 1985UnknownUnknown
MM3 Lowe 1972UnknownUnknown
EWSN Luellen 1985UnknownUnknown
HT3 Lurquin 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MMFN Lynch 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
RMSN Lynch 1972UnknownUnknown
SM3 Malott 1972UnknownUnknown
STGSN Maness 1985UnknownUnknown
FA Manhardt 1972UnknownUnknown
EM1 Martin 1985UnknownUnknown
GMG2 Andy Mathiason 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
STG3 Mattice 1972UnknownUnknown
STGSC George Mauty 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
MMFN McCracken 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BTFN McDonald 1985UnknownUnknown
SA McGowan 1972UnknownUnknown
SMSN McKamey 1985UnknownUnknown
MM2 McWhorter 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
TMSA Meaker 1972UnknownUnknown
MM1 Meyerholtz 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MMFN Michael 1985UnknownUnknown
SKSN Mier 1972UnknownUnknown
QM2 Miller 1985UnknownUnknown
SN Moinuddin 1985UnknownUnknown
OS2 Moore 1972UnknownUnknown
EM3 Moore 1972UnknownUnknown
STG1 Mike Morrow 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
BM3 Moss 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
FN Murray 1972UnknownUnknown
FN Nagy 1972UnknownUnknown
SA Negron 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
SA Nelson 1972UnknownUnknown
EM3 O'Connor 1972UnknownUnknown
IC3 O'Toole 1972UnknownUnknown
SM2 Onan 1985UnknownUnknown
OS3 Orvins 1985UnknownUnknown
FT2 Patten 1985UnknownUnknown
FTG3 Jamie Pflager 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BT3 Poindexter 1985UnknownUnknown
MS2 Prunner 1985UnknownUnknown
GMTSN Pursel 1985UnknownUnknown
FTG3 Rock Reagan 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
ETN2 Renfro 1972UnknownUnknown
SD3 Reyes 1972UnknownUnknown
RM1 Reynolds 1972UnknownUnknown
EW2 Riddle 1985UnknownUnknown
FTM1 John Rigdon 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
FT1 Rittenour 1985UnknownUnknown
BM2 Roberts 1985UnknownUnknown
BT3 Ray Rodgers 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
SR Romano 1972UnknownUnknown
MMFN Roorbach 1972UnknownUnknown
RM2 Routhe 1972UnknownUnknown
EM? Rubino 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
SHSN Rudnick 1972UnknownUnknown
OS3 Runge 1972UnknownUnknown
EWSN Sabo 1985UnknownUnknown
BM3 Salters 1985UnknownUnknown
STG2 Jeff Salyers 1978?-1983?UnknownUnknown
OS3 Sam 1985UnknownUnknown
OS3 Sansing 1985UnknownUnknown
FA Sava 1972UnknownUnknown
MM2 Schaffer 1972UnknownUnknown
EW2 Schankin 1972UnknownUnknown
ETR3 Scharf 1972UnknownUnknown
EM2 Schneider 1972UnknownUnknown
ADJ3 Scott 1972UnknownUnknown
EMFN Scott 1985UnknownUnknown
EN1 Shields 1972UnknownUnknown
SA Silsby 1972UnknownUnknown
FTM2 Bob Smiley 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BMSN Smith 1985UnknownUnknown
OS3 Smith 1985UnknownUnknown
OSSN Smith 1985UnknownUnknown
SA Snodgrass 1972UnknownUnknown
SR Snyder 1972UnknownUnknown
BT3 Somerville 1985UnknownUnknown
GMGSA Souza 1972UnknownUnknown
FN Spallino 1972UnknownUnknown
MMFA Sparks 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MM2 Sparks 1985UnknownUnknown
MM3 Fred Spivey 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MM3 Sprague 1972UnknownUnknown
SN St Pierre 1972UnknownUnknown
MM3 St. Jean 1985UnknownUnknown
QMSN Staples 1985UnknownUnknown
BT3 Stephenson 1985UnknownUnknown
MM2 Stock 1972UnknownUnknown
MMFN Mike Stringer 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BT3 Edward Albert Stroud 1970 (Precom) 1972UnknownUnknown
FTM2 Gary Studdard 1972UnknownUnknown
FTM3 Mike Swem 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MMFN Roy Tarborough 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
BT1 Taylor 1972UnknownUnknown
SN Taylor 1972UnknownUnknown
STG2 Taylor 1972UnknownUnknown
BT3 Taylor 1985UnknownUnknown
HTFN Thomas 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
GMGSN Tomasik 1985UnknownUnknown
EN3 Traugh 1972UnknownUnknown
MM3 Turk 1985UnknownUnknown
EW2 William J. Twiggs 1981-1984UnknownUnknown
MM3 Tyler 1972UnknownUnknown
FC1 Urban 1972UnknownUnknown
SN Vargas 1972UnknownUnknown
SD3 Verzosa 1972UnknownUnknown
BT3 Wagner 1985UnknownUnknown
SN Walsh 1972UnknownUnknown
OS2 Paul Walsh 1982-1983UnknownUnknown
MMFN Steve Ward 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
RMSA Ward 1972UnknownUnknown
HM1 Warden 1985UnknownUnknown
EWSN Warrington 1985UnknownUnknown
HT3 Watts 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
STG3 Weber 1985UnknownUnknown
FA Weiss 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
QMSN Weldon 1985UnknownUnknown
SA West 1972UnknownUnknown
MS3 Wetzburger 1985UnknownUnknown
STG2 Wheeler 1985UnknownUnknown
FN White 1972UnknownUnknown
DK3 White 1972UnknownUnknown
SH3 White 1972UnknownUnknown
RD3 Whiting 1972DeseasedUnknown
HM2 Wible 1972UnknownUnknown
MM3 Mickey Wilcox 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
QM3 Wilson 1972UnknownUnknown
GMG3 Winkie 1972UnknownUnknown
ICFN Wood 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
MM3 Karsten Woods 90-92UnknownUnknown
EM3 Woodson 197?-198?UnknownUnknown
STG3 Yerges 1972UnknownUnknown
BM3 Yingling 1972UnknownUnknown
BT1 Yoxtheimer 1985UnknownUnknown
ET2 Rick Zeeger 1986?-1988?UnknownUnknown