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USS Joseph Hewes DE/FF/FFT-1078
Commissioned April 24, 1971
Decommissioned June 30, 1994
"Leader of the Class"


This web site is dedicated to all of the Officers, Chiefs and Crew who served aboard USS JOSEPH HEWES DE/FF/FFT-1078 so well during her 23 years of United States Naval Service. The intent for this site is to serve as a directory for their e-mail addresses allowing them to get back in touch and communicate with one another. If your e-mail address on this site is not up-to-date, then please sign the Guestbook again and provide your new address or just e-mail me here and I'll update your information. Banner photographs courtesy of Rob Summerhill.

Latest Contacts

05/24/2016STG3 Tim Jones (1989-1992) checked in.
05/23/2016TM3 Garry Soulr (1988-1992) checked in.
05/19/2016STG3 Cam Black (1989-1992) checked in.
05/17/2016LTJG Joseph Williams (1986-1988) checked in.
05/14/2016SK3 Reginald Stuckey (1982-1986) checked in.
05/14/2016BT2 Ronald McCall (1976-1980) checked in.
05/08/2016OSC Peter Munsell (1976-1978) checked in.
05/07/2016SH2 Jim Kirchner (1985-1988) checked in.
05/03/2016EM3 Thomas O'Connell (Precom-1972) checked in.
04/19/2016LT Jim Gallagher (1985-1989) checked in.
04/02/2016BT3 Rob Colantuoni (1977-1981) checked in.
04/01/2016BT2 Howard Dorris (1970 (precom) -1973) checked in.
03/25/2016STG2 Michael Michalik (1977-1980) checked in.
03/16/2016EMFN Richard Ball (1985-1987) checked in.
03/14/2016MM3 Eric Van Dyne (1992-1994) checked in.

Muster Report

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E-Mail Addresses

Please take a minute to check your listing and see if you are listed in DARK RED. If you are, then your email address on file is "Undeliverable". Please sign the guestbook again and let us have your current email address. Thank You!

How You Can Help

If you served aboard USS JOSEPH HEWES DE/FF/FFT-1078, or know someone who did, please share whatever information you might have in order to make this a better and more fitting and complete tribute. Ports of call, cruise dates, and photographs are a but a few of the things you can contribute.


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Some of our shipmates have setup a couple of Facebook groups for the USS Joseph Hewes. Give the groups a visit at: USS Joseph Hewes DE/FF/FFT-1078 and USS Joseph Hewes FFT-1078.
USS Joseph Hewes DE/FF/FFT-1078
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