This web site is dedicated to all of the Officers, Chiefs and Crew who served aboard USS JOSEPH HEWES DE/FF/FFT-1078 so well during her 23 years of United States Naval Service. The intent for this site is to serve as a directory for their e-mail addresses allowing them to get back in touch and communicate with one another. If your e-mail address on this site is not up-to-date, then please sign the Guestbook again and provide your new address or just e-mail me and I'll update your information. Banner photographs courtesy of Rob Summerhill.

Latest Check-ins

12/04/2017SN Gerard Klice (1971-1972) checked in.
11/28/2017MM2 Forrest Hodges (1976-1980) checked in.
11/25/2017EM2 Tim Clark (1982-1986) checked in.
11/16/2017BM3 Raymond Mioducki (1977-1980) checked in.
11/14/2017SK3 Terry Miller (1976-1978) checked in.
11/11/2017LT Wade Bell (1983-1984) checked in.
10/27/2017MM2 Tony Moore (1973-1975) checked in.
10/27/2017BM2 David Price (1987-1988) checked in.
10/20/2017BTFN Horace Brock (1990-1992) checked in.
10/18/2017RM3 James (Jim) Adams (1978-1979) checked in.

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E-Mail Addresses!

Please take a minute to check your listing and see if you are listed in DARK RED. If you are, then your e-mail address on file is "Undeliverable". Please sign the guestbook again and let us have your current e-mail address. Thank You!

How You Can Help

If you served aboard USS JOSEPH HEWES DE/FF/FFT-1078, or know someone who did, please share whatever information you might have in order to make this a better and more fitting and complete tribute. Ports of call, cruise dates, and photographs are a but a few of the things you can contribute.


Facebook Logo Some of our shipmates have setup a couple of Facebook groups for the USS Joseph Hewes. Give the groups a visit at: USS Joseph Hewes DE/FF/FFT-1078 and USS Joseph Hewes FFT-1078.